* 100% indigenous
* Electronically operated mechanically actuated Diaphragm
* Adjustable injection frequency (100 to 150 spm)
* Adjustable stroke length
* Compact size, light weight, more robust structure
* Unique double ball check NRVs for better dosing accuracy
* Solenoid drive with minimum moving parts
* One year limited warrantly for pulsar
* 1.5m WC max suction Lift
* Steady state accuracy +/-3%

* Water and Effluent treatment
* Cooling water treatment
* Controlled sampling of liquids
* Antiscalent dosing
* All pumpable chemicals in processes

* LDPE Tubing
* Spring loaded injection valve
* Self balanced Root Valve
* HDPE tank with level swiffer
* Antisiphoning/Back pressure valve
* Automatic flow controller
* High quality plastic pump body
* 0% to 100% stroke frequency     adjustment
* 10% to 100% stroke length     adjustment
* Can accept pulse and 4-20 mA signals
* 0.156 LPH to 11.40 LPH capacity
* Maximum pressure of 20 Kg/cm²
* High quality plastic pump body
* 25%, 50%, 100% stoke frequency adjustment
* 10% to 100% stroke length adjustment
* 0.54 LPH to 11.40 LPH capacity
* Maximum pressure of 20 Kg/cm²

* Compact Size
* Double Ball Check Valves
* High Quality, Long lasting re-inforced PTFE     Diaphragm
* Maximum stroke length of only 1.25mm, hence     maintenance free
* No lubrication needed
* Discharge Rate Accuracy +-2%
* Linearity +-3%
* Pulse Rate Stability +-1%
* Handles any chemical
* Can accept Potential Free Pulsesand 4-20 mA signals
* Discharge Countdown Ratio of 1:250
* Suitable for single phase power supply of 230V(AC)
* Die-cast aluminium powder coated     pump body
* 0% to 100% stroke frequency     adjustment
* 10% to 100% stroke length     Adjustment
* Can accept pulse and 4-20 mA signals
* 1.44 LPH to 54.60 LPH capacity
* Maximum pressure of 25 Kg/cm²

* Foot valve
* Dosing valve
* Check valve
* Pressure retaining valve
* Anti-siphon valve
* Pulsation dampener
* Level sensor
* Tank

Note :-

1. Pump heads are offered in PVC, PP, PTFE, MS & SS depending on the chemical to be handled.
2. The shipping weights indicated above are for PVC, PP & PTFE pump heads and will vary for SS & MS.
3. To select pump for specific application, please check the following data.
(a) Chemical to handled (b) Capacity (litres/hour) (c) System back pressure (bar)


POWERPOINT PUMPS are high precision positive displacement Pumps, as per A.P.I. 675 Interminal Code for controlled volume Pumps. The discharge can vary from 0 to 100 capacities while the pumps are running or at rest. Our pump design makes it an ideal flow control element in chemical process for feeding chemicals with a high degree of accuracy, under any discharge pressure condition. They are a robust design, unmatched quality and offer considerable saving due to small space requirements, low installation cost and minimum maintaintenance.




Plunger type liquid ends are suited for non-hazardous liquids. Because of their simple design they are quite economical. They can be provided with flushing connections. In the case of molten liquids, jacketed heads can be provided. The jacket encloses the check valves and gland chamber. The valves are cartridge type and can be removed for servicing without dismantling the suction and discharge connection.




Hydraulically operated Diaphragm type head are suitable for service conditions involving hazardous toxic, radio active or poisonous liquid where product leakage is not permitted. The Diaphragm is Hydraulically actuated and has a long life as it is always in hydraulic balance, with the liquid being pumped on one side and actuating fluid on the opposite side. Its function is basically that of the partition. The diaphragm material is usually Teflon or Synthetic rubber. The system is safe guarded by the built in relief vacuum valve on the hydraulic side. For very severe duty condition or handling slurry or hot liquids and remote type heads can be provided.

Typical Applications : TYPICAL APPLICATION of our Pumps are the accurate dosing and mixing of acids, alkalis,slurries, viscous liquids etc. which may be Pump at elevated, ambient or low temperatures, 24 hours a day. Our range covers every thing from the single pump to a complete automated Metering Dosing System and comprises of Plunger and Diaphragm Pumps with metering ranges from 0.5 to 10,000 L.P.H. per pump head.

Stroke Adjustment : The pump discharge is variable while Pump is running or at rest from 0% to full stroke 100% by means of a precision machine crank equipped with a stroke length adjustment mechanism.
The stroke of the pumps can be controlled either
  • Automatic
  • Electrically
  • Remote
Liquid End Material : Wetted parts can be offered either

  • Stainless steel 304
  • Stainless steel 316
  • Steel
  • P.V.C.
  • P.P.
  • Teflon

Special Features : Pumps can be offered in simplex, duplex or multiple heads for handling different chemicals with a common motor. Each head would have independent connection and the capacity of each head can also be independently adjustable.



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